Saturday, August 16, 2008

IOLI goodies

While I was at IOLI (International Old Lacers Inc.) annual lace convention, I bought some goodies. My main purchases were yarn from Skaska Designs (think Russian Orenburg lace). At Skaska, I bought 2 skeins of Heaven (55% merino wool, 45% tencel)--125 grams and 3280 yards per skein. Very fine yarn. I got a lovely purple skein as well as a deep greenish-blue one. I also got a lovely skein of white Merino Lace--100 grams, 1375 yards. No picture of these. I then got an interesting ball of Graceful Lace Yarn--a wool variegate that goes from rusty orange to green to blue. I am fascinated to see how this works up. I also splurged and got a triangular lace shawl kit, designed by Galina herself. I've already got this one started on the needles.

From Duchesse, I bought several incredible pieces of sterling silver jewelry from Brussels. Shown is a delicate butterfly pendant The Duchesse jewelry is inspired by Brussels lace.

And I almost forgot. I got this lovely carved wooden box from Skaska. This is the lid of the box. The sides are also carved as well as the interior of the lid.


Tara said...

What lovely goodies! Lucky you! The lid to the wooden box is amazing.

Tatman said...

It was so nice to see you again! Nice to know that you had a chance to get out of your chair at your booth for some of your own shopping needs. PRETTY STUFF!!

Barbara Gordon said...

Love the butterfly you got from the convention! I got a flower and I would have gotten more, but they didn't take plastic. I really ran short of funds this year and didn't think I would spend as much as I did.

Tia D. said...

Hi Deb! IOLI is somewhere in my Future I hope! can you use the Graceful Lace Yarn for tatting or will you knitt with it?