Friday, September 12, 2008

Razzle Dazzle Tatting Fun

Hi all,

I've been having fun tatting with Razzle Dazzle--a sparkly polyester thread from Superior Threads. The thread is multi-stranded that separates easily, so you need to tie a knot in the end to keep it from unraveling. Scratchy to the touch and a bit troublesome to work with--probably comparable to a size 20 cordonnette thread. When tatting, rings close well, but you need to watch out when you join or untat to get all the strands at the same time. Crocheting works okay, you just crochet a little slower to make sure you have all the strands.

With that said, tatting and crochet projects look stunning due to the sparkly nature of the thread and it is perfect for holiday items such as snowflakes! The finished projects are well worth the minor frustration of working with this thread.

Pictures show a flying minor Norwegian dragon, tatted with color 275, a nice sparkly dark green. Pattern is by Anne Bruvold and can be found here: The next picture shows Celtic Snowflake 2006, pattern by Rozella Linden tatted with color 270--a sparkly pink and light blue thread. Rozella's pattern is in the yahoo group Celtic Tatting in the file section