Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dichroic Cabochon Pendant

In June, I took a class from Karen Miner at the PNW Lace Conference. I learned the fun of creating stunning works of jewelry using a focal point, tatting and bead embellishments. This is what I am working on next--a dichroic cabochon attached to leather. A tatted chain encompassing it with beads. I have then played with lots of options for tatting to go with this and these curlyques are what I have liked the best. Thread is Flora size 20 in black; Valdani 35 wt sewing cotton color V3 Fuchsia Love, King Tut 40 wt quilting cotton colors 924 Lime Stone and 927 De Nile and DMC 80 color #917. Seed Beads are size 15 Miyuki and size 11 Delicas.

The dichroic cabochon is from Donna Cason and is a true work of art. Her website is and her service is incredible. The cabochon I am working with is about 3/4" long and the leather piece is 1 3/4". Picture is enlarged to show the details.


connieangeline said...

Woohoo,another blog from someone whose work I love.
I have been stewing over how to incorporate a dichroic glass "lump"
I made, with tatting ever since I saw Teri Dusenbury's turtles. This is another great idea.
Thanks for sharing.

Little Old Liz said...

Hey Deb -
Welcome to Blogspot! Nice to see another friendly artisan (not that I'm one, but you know what I mean). I've been thinking about you, since it's Fair season. Have you entered your usual bounty???

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty! You do awesome work.

NormaH said...

Beautiful work Debbie and a great blog start!

Tara said...

Beautiful Debbie! I just started blogging too and it's very addictive. I love your tatting bags and look forward to seeing your tatting.


Tatenup said...

Great job Debbie! They are pretty pieces. Look forward to more of your Blog.
Tami in WA